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  1. You know, you might be the only person who’s actually understood that ENs are not EU.

  2. Great post again Andrew. Very enlightening detail on the EFRA Committee and Peter Field’s comments. It seemed clear even back in 1999 that Class 0 was a hopelessly out of date and ineffectual test as to the fire safety of a product, yet it is still used and touted as a safety feature on numerous insulation brochures. I am of the firm opinion that this rating has given false reassurance to members of the public and the building profession who have used this in good faith.

  3. Thanks, John. I suppose that the Class 0 tests (BS 476 7 & 6) are fine for their purpose, and probably give a good indication of surface properties. As you point out, for insulation products – I guess you have the boards like Celotex RS5000 in mind – where you have a combustible core and only a very thin facing – the Class 0 rating may give false reassurance.

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