The River of Life

Jesus Christ, Lord of all

Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Son of God, for all eternity! To Him belongs all the praise, glory and honour, for He alone has conquered death and hell, lived a sinless life as a man on earth, being tempted as we are but remaining undefiled, enduring unimaginable suffering and isolation from the Father, raised triumphant on the third day. If you don’t yet believe in Him, dear friend, don’t turn away but seek His face, pray to God, and read the New Testament, which provides our record of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and describes and explains and delineates the new life available to those who believe in Him, and decide to follow Him.

The gospel to the nations

I had the great privilege of preaching the wonderful message of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in Lahore in May 2019 at the Eternal Life Ministry Wednesday meeting. The price for our sins was paid nearly two thousand years ago, the punishment that we deserved being borne on a cruel cross by our loving Saviour at Calvary. Glory be to His wonderful and holy Name for evermore!


I had the opportunity to preach sanctification at Robert Kayanja’s daily meeting in Kampala in January 2019. Without sanctification, no-one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12.14). The Lord will have a pure and spotless bride when He returns in His power and glory. Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God (2 Corinthians 7.1). May we abound in love to one another and to all, so that our hearts may be established blameless in holiness when He comes (1 Thessalonians 3.12-13). Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who, through the willing offering of His own precious body as a sacrifice on the cruel cross of Calvary, has perfected forever those who are being sanctified (Hebrews 10.10,14).


In recent years, I have written about bible translation, the gospel and true of salvation, the mystery of the origin of life on earth, and our government’s attempt to evade its responsibility for the Grenfell Tower disaster.