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  1. Good Morning Andrew.

    It excited me when I read your comments. I had a 2 Visits from a Chilean evangelist based in Sweden in 2008. As he was praying in the spirit, I saw all these little fires burning. The next day I was visited by Jackie Shuttleworth who actually confirmed this vision. We are living in exciting times !

  2. Dear Andrew, good to see you still going strong. I had a feeling you”d reached your final spiritual destination.

    Currently in Budapest again, about to launch a non-fiction publishing house. {Though that”s in English in England – but with the internet doesn”t matter where I am. Can work from anywhere.} Just have to get the last couple of authors for the first book, and edit the thing and give it to the layout designer before Christmas…

    Best of luck with the revival you”re working for! From the January 2009 date, I assume this is a very occasional commentary page of yours. My weblog is at



  3. Hi Andrew.

    I believe, that Christians that are seeking for the fire of God to hit our shores need to get together and organize prayer meetings, to pray for Revival. True revival does not come easy it is messy and sometimes painful but very necessary. Jesus is longing to bring revival to these shores more than we need it. He is looking for a people who are willing to pay the cost. They will have to stand up against a religious sleeping church who will say that the revivalist are of the devil.

    We need to rise up with boldness of the Lion of Judah and declare that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and none can come to the Father except through Jesus. The UK must be effected by the Church and not the Church effected by the UK. The church should be leading the Way living out the Truth and Following the Life of Jesus. IT IS TIME TO MAKE A STAND. No more compromise.

  4. I thank God for those who have been praying for revival for many years and even decades, hidden from men but known to God, and yes I am always open to new prayer meetings or initiatives. 1 Timothy 2 v 8 is a call to the men in particular to pray in every place lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubting or disputing, and this is what the Lord has laid upon my heart to commend to the brethren who are seeking Him for the way forward in this hour of deepening darkness.

  5. Hallelujah…fully agree with you on 1 Tim 2:8 as I pray and believe 2 Chronicles 7:14. I am of firm belief that revival isn”t coming…it is here!(Faith..”the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”..). It starts within the heart of true believers and is contagious, thus spreads to those around us, Amen……so let”s get the fire started, don”t wait for someone else, God has placed the anointing in you (us), what are we going to do with it is the question!!!

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