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  1. I have/had a concern about this “translation” from the cover and I am not a language scholar by any means. And I couldn’t quite put my finger on what concerned me as I read more and more. I knew nothing about the author and its origin until a few days ago and now i run across your very detailed post of june 19, 2020. (Thank you)I received the 2nd edition tpt from my sister who loves this bible. I was first concerned with footnotes in Revelation(where i started 🙂 ) but now I am almost finished with the whole NT and just started looking into the person, Brian Simmons…i was surprised that there was not a team of translators but just one person. And after finding the interesting testimony of Simmons and now your concerns…
    Would you please indicate to me the concern you have, asyming you are concerned, why the average Christian, reader and lover of God’s Word, might be cautioned about reading this bible…. Thank you, a sister in the Lord

  2. Hi Vicki, sorry just found your comment, it seems I haven’t been receiving notifications of comments, sadly.

    You might like to look at this one also:

    He is reported as saying in an interview that he had little background in the biblical languages, and I have argued that he is not translating at all, but rather using English translations, and altering them.

    Many of the changes he makes cannot be justified, that is, the original Greek or Hebrew text cannot mean what he claims it means.

    I have demonstrated that many of the changes came from Victor Alexander’s bible. He is a film-maker who is interested in the boundary between dream and reality. He claimed to be translating from an ancient Aramaic manuscript, but provided no evidence that it even existed at all! Have a look at the latter part of this article to learn more about Victor:


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