Olympic idolatry

In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were a part of a religious festival in honour of Zeus. They have no part in a Christian nation, and the United Kingdom still retains much of its Christian heritage, especially in the hearts of the people, who have far more faith in God and in the Lord Jesus Christ, than their leaders do. We are heading for a disaster as we approach the Olympic Games in London, and the only hope for this nation is for the people of God to recognise this festival as an idolatrous pagan celebration and to repent of our involvement and support of it. If we come before the Lord and confess our holding of the Games, and in particular the worship of foreign gods in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as a great and terrible transgression against Him, then perhaps He will have mercy upon us and turn aside from judgement and release the Spirit in power upon the believers who follow Jesus in love and meekness and faith and purity. Hallelujah, for the Lord will give us a great revival whether in the midst of a terrible judgement or not, and we must be ready for anything He gives us, be it mercy or a discipline that shakes us to the core of our beings.

Shalom to the nation of Israel as they face the greatest test since the war of 1948. Only God can give them victory over the Iranian aggression and destroy the weapons of mass destruction being prepared against them. Netanyahu is God’s gift to Israel and he will not falter when the moment to strike comes, as it seems it must. Shalom to the saints of God and the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ who stand with Israel and stay the course when all the world turns against her in fury and protest at her legitimate action to preserve her people and her state. Shalom to the pastors and the evangelists who maintain the truth of God’s holy bible in the face of much backsliding in formerly evangelical churches, and fight the good fight of the faith. Hallelujah for the separation that must occur between the true church and the false. Wake up, for the hour is upon us when the Lord draws near for judgement, and only the pure of heart will see Him and be saved.